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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A side note for the holidays

I want to take a moment away from my normal, blog posts to talk about something personal. Cancer. While I know that this is a festive and joyous holiday season, there are people out there that are fighting for their lives with their own body. People without health insurance to help pay for treatment, or or friends around them to provide the moral support they need to get through such an ordeal. While the world goes on with its holiday festivities, statistics say that on Christmas day, 720 Americans will be diagnosed with Cancer.

While that is not a Christmas present anyone would want to receive, some of these people would gladly shoulder the burden and smile just so that someone else doesn't have to. I know, because I've been in and out of remission all my life fighting this terrible battle, and still i struggle to persevere in spite, because I know I have something to offer my fellow man.

So if any of you know someone struggling, or having a hard time dealing with an illness, or any hardship whatsoever, please take the time to remember them, and see if theres anything you can do to help. At the very least, just letting them know they are not alone can keep a person striving forward for longer than you can possibly imagine.

Thank you to all my followers, and I wish you all a very merry holiday season. Please know someone out there, somewhere, has done something statistically amazing, so that you don't have to suffer.